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Why Forex Web Design?

While product and content seem to be the main focus of a website, UI is the backbone of the website helping visitors to navigate through the website easily. People get easily irritated if they face any problems while surfing online. Hence, it is very crucial to have a flawless UI for prevention of such situation.

People use a variety of browsers based on their preferences. Forex Web Designing is compatible with all the major web browsers. Plus, it can be viewed from different devices like desktops, mobiles and tablets; making it available for traders to use in offices as well as on the go while taking a ride back home.

Spending more than what is required can never be a good idea; that will only make your budget figures look bigger. Forex web designing can be made cost effective with proper budget planning and by minimizing workforce after irrelevant stuff.

Search Engine Optimization includes integration of various technical aspects like Indexable Content, URL Structures, Crawlable Link Structures, Rich Snippets and many more that help your page to be found easily on search engines, leading to more visitor attention towards your website.

Regular interactions with customers are very important as it helps in improving service quality. In addition to this, you can reach out to customers all over the world. By adding registration tab on Forex Landing Page Design, more customers can be contacted using the data they share on your website.


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Grey Label Mt4 Manager is the first step of starting forex brokerage. You can change clients’ mt4 leverages and mt4 spreads while following their mt4 margin levels. You can manage deposits, withdrawals and credits on mt4 easily. Grey label mt4 can be applied for both A book and B book forex models.

Grey Label for A Book Forex Brokerage

  A book forex brokers mostly use FIX api connection to transmit orders. In other words, it is the meeting of mt4 servers. LP connection is a very simple process with grey label solution even though it seems very complex.

   At first, you will make mt4 manager platform download. Secondly, Meta Technologies will make mt4 bridge connection for you. Afterwards, you can get mt4 detailed reports from your manager about the orders transmitting. You can also use our mt4 dealer plugin to avoid abuse orders. In addition to mt4 spread controller and leverage management; you have rights to make deposits and withdrawals on mt4. Also, you are able to create introducing broker accounts and agent accounts in your company.

Grey Label for B book Forex Brokerage

   Some forex brokers prefer B book forex business model. The basic tools are mt4 virtual dealer plugin and mt4 spread changer for B book forex brokerage. You can define your mt4 risk management rules and add it into mt4 dealer plugin. Plug-in will manage rules for you. Also, you can apply your risk management rules manually by mt4 dealer.

   Mt4 dealer allows you to accept or reject orders. Addition to mt4 dealer, you can also use mt4 spread changer if the market is volatile. We will provide you mt4 manager user guide and You can see all details inside.

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