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FSC (Bulgaria Forex License)

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Home Formation


Get a Bulgaria Forex Broker License

From the Client

   Passport copy should be mandatorily notarized while the text should be in English language.

  Last 3-months utility bill (attached with original Copy)

  Director’(s) or shareholder’(s) letter with bank account statement

  The copy of educational degree certificate should be in English

Note: All The documents should be in English language or certified translation into English provided together with 3 original copies.

Related to the Process

  Application of FSC, Bulgaria.

  Statutory Declarations.

  Bank application forms.

  AML Procedures.   Business Plan.

  5-year financial forecast.

  Balance sheet with forecast description.

  AML/CFT FAQ’s Declaration.

Note: The ad-hoc additional documents maybe requested from any authority or institution during the process.

From the Client

   Bulgaria has a strategic location that opens big business opportunity gates for investors and gives access of entire EU and the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Bulgaria has a stable and predictable economy with the lowest corporate tax in the EU at only 10%.

  Corporate and Individual Tax System: 10%

  Dividend Tax: 5%.   VAT: 20%

  Average salary of Bulgaria is comparatively low in the whole European Union (EU). Thus, the simplicity of tax system combined with low labour costs makes it the most suitable for business.





Our Process for
Forex Company Formation

  Gather and prepare all the documents, including those of due diligence reports pertaining to the Forex requirement.

   Preparing initial corporate documents, statutory declarations by the Director/Shareholder to the FSC, Bulgaria.

   Conducting anti-money laundering procedures and custom modified business plan.

   Submit the reports and all other relevant documents of FSC, Bulgaria in order to start with the registration process.

   Preparation and submission of all the bank forms, corporate documents and due diligence documents to open an account in local bank. The Director/Shareholder may require a visit to the bank.

   Ad-hoc support and minor documents are required during the process.

   We will assist you in transferring funds at the local bank.

   Receipt of license from the FSC, Bulgaria and documents delivery to the client.

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