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MFSA (Malta Forex License)

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   Traders Solution offers you a complete package for setting up one of the most respected EU investment licenses in the industry aka Bulgarian Investment Intermediary license.

   We will give you the complete step by step guidance that ensures a high level of safety, trust and confidence during Bulgaria Forex Company Formation.

   Our package includes all mandatory requirements that are essential for a successful registration with Bulgarian FSC governing body along with accurate compliance needed by the authorities.



   Preparing all the regulatory documents, including due diligence reports.

   Submit the application to the regulatory body and completion of ad-hoc tasks.

   AML procedures and custom tailored business plan.

  funds into a bank account in order to satisfy capital requirement for the SFC, Hong Kong.

   Bank submission letter to the SFC in order to fulfil the capital requirements.

  Receipt of license from the SFC, HK and delivery of documents to the Client.

  Satisfy paid up capital requirements which includes the preparation and submission of all the bank forms, corporate documents and due diligence documents.





Our Process for
Forex Company Formation

   The application process generally begins with a formal meeting with the MFSA to discuss the proposed application prior to the submission of the documents.

  The Preparatory Stage – Conducting a meeting with the authority, submission of a draft application form and other documents to be reviewed by the MFSA and Standard Malta Forex Broker License Conditions will apply by the authority.

  The Pre-licensing Stage – issuance of an ‘in principal’ approval by the authority and submission of signed final application form & supporting documents arising during application process

  The Post-licensing Stage – Satisfaction of ad hoc requirements arising post licensing but pre-commencement of business.

From the Client

   Notarized passport copy (Should be notarized in English – 2 copies).

  Last 3 months utility bill (Should be notarized in English – 2 copies with original)

   Director/Shareholder’s Bank reference letter

   Lawyer’s reference letter

Related to the Process

  FCA, United Kingdom Application Form.

  Statutory Declarations.

  Bank application forms.

Note: The ad-hoc additional documents maybe requested from any authority or institution during the process.

From the Client


Investment Advisory (Minimum Capital Requirement)

Minimum Capital for FOREX Business

Market Maker

Required Amount(in $)

€ 50,000

€ 1,25,000

€ 7,30,000

From the Client

   London is one of the best cities in the world in terms of foreign investments and hedge funds. The reason behind this is the strongest GDP growth rate. It is the home of the richest people in the world and mostly referred as strongest capital hub for new investment.

  FCA, London has some of the major Forex brokers who are duly authorised with FCA Broker License. It is regarded as one of the toughest and strongest regulatory procedure to obtain Forex license. It is usually termed as best regulatory body in the world at par with NFA.

  Tax Rate System:

     1. Individual Tax System starts from 20%
     2. Corporate Tax is just 20%

  The majority of the Forex brokers in the world crave for United Kingdom Forex Broker License due to the high amount of business opportunities from EU region. United Kingdom is one of the biggest FX trading markets in the world with a daily turnover of $2.6 trillion/day (BoE).

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