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   Landing Page is a web page which works as the opening wedge for a website or a particular section of a website.

   The main purpose of Landing Page Design is to promote special offers and products. Landing Pages are specially designed for one product or service only or sometimes to promote new offers. Landing Pages are very useful to make customers aware about your offers.

  There should not be any global navigation redirecting your Landing Page to your main website. The main objective after this is to limit the options available for visitors, helping you to escort them toward your conversational goal.

   It is very important to make your Landing Pages eye catchy to keep visitors engaged. Landing Pages are a very good resource to gather more leads and bring in new business. Landing Pages are generally used while running an advertising campaign on various marketing platforms such as PPC, email, social media, display banners etc. Landing Page acts as a ‘Sales Person’ who helps you to collect information about your prospects and turn your visitors into customers.


Why Design Landing Page for Your Forex Website?

Designing your Landing Pages attractively with most precise and relevant information plays a vital role in revenue generation system. It helps you to convert your visitors into live traders by acting as an effective lead convertor and making it one of the best lead generation resources.

If your initial webpages or in other words, Landing Pages are informative, quite attractive and to-the-point, then there are higher chances of increasing the average time duration on your website. Not only to increase visitors engagement ratio but it also helps in increasing your website ranking which acts as a business conversion tool.

One major benefit of Landing Pages is that the users get all the relevant content they searched for without making any extra efforts as they are centralised towards only one product or service at a time. This increases the usability of your website if the users are searching for some specific information related to Forex industry.

Cost per Acquisition is a ratio of resources spent on advertising per new registered customers. As Landing Pages can help in converting more traffic into business, Cost per Acquisition will be reduced. Ultimately it helps in utilizing inputs made in the business and give desirable outputs.


Our Distinct Services


Landing Pages are responsive and works on either of the devices like Desktop, Mobile and Tablets. This makes marketing more effective as your campaign will not be restricted to only one platform.

Live Quotes Integration

Just like your main webpages, you can make Live Quotes available on Landing Pages also to catch visitors’ attention and to make your website more useful.

Relevant Content

Keep your Landing Pages focused on a particular product or a special offer which is to be promoted at a time. Staying on the main purpose of Landing Page is crucial to make visitors stay on the page.

Relevant Headlines

Since search engines detect headlines prior to other content, using attractive Headlines for different sections makes it easier for search engines to find your website and your website ranking will improve.

Strong Call to Action

Call to Action is very important in Forex business as it is what brings in new leads. Make your Call to Action strong enough that visitors cannot refuse registering with you.

Risk Management & Disclaimers

Keep your visitors aware about risks related to Forex market to gain their trust. Mention disclaimers at the end of offers if any, to stay away from any consequences and to get approved by Search Engines.

Video Integration Option

Easy integration of videos explaining products, services, special offers, guidance or anything else on your Landing Pages for better understanding of visitors.


Make testimonials available for visitors to go through to promote all the projects you already completed successfully. Testimonials are useful to create a reliable image in front of visitors.

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