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PAMM Account

Percentage Allocation Management Module, also known as percentage allocation money management or PAMM, is a form of pooled money forex trading. An investor gets to allocate their money in desired proportion to the qualified traders/money manager(s) of their choice. These traders/managers may manage multiple forex trading accounts using their capital and such pooled money, with an aim to generate profits.

Best PAMM Forex Brokers 2022

Best PAMM Forex brokers list:-


mULTIbNAK. asic

IC Markets. ASIC

Fully-Feature PAMM Account

Our platform provides all the basic and advanced functios for these type of products:

Manual and scheduled execution of deposit & withdrawal requests.

No need to close masters positions during deposits during deposits and withdrawals

Fees for investors can be set individually

Automated subscription and unsubscription of investor via the leaderboard

Several execution option including autocorrection on withdrawals or without realloation on deposits.

The PAMM Service

The PAMM is an original creation of Alpari which has gained worldwide popularity. It brings traders and investor together under mutually beneficial terms.

How to Invest
Select a suitable PAMM Account from the rating
Register with myAlpari and top up your transitory account however you find convenient
Invest and Manage the fund on your investment account from myAlpari