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Binary Trading Education

Many of you have heard a lot about Binary Trading Education, but do you know how to start trading with this? If you want to learn binery education and mechanism behind this then you are at the right place. Before discussing the way i want you to focus on these points first. A binary option is a financial product where the parties involved in the transaction are assigned one of two outcomes based on whether the option expires in the money. Binary options depend on the outcome of a "yes or no" proposition, hence the name "binary."

You will need to be the dad in patience to trade with this way. It means a greater degree of patience needs to trade binary option.

You will have to accept that losing is a part of trading business not only in binary option but in any way you choose to trade.

If the Trading does not go well you should stop after the two consecutive losses and believe that the chance is coming to the next day, If you do not stop that you will have a lot of losses to face and the results will be your account with Zero bucks.

Always have a plan while trading binary Education I suggest 3-4 trades a day with good accuracy if you get three winning trades in a row, stopntrading in that session or that day and keep your profit with satisfaction.

Manage you results in a spreadsheet and keep updating tour profit/loss end of the day.

Very important point, don't trade in high and medium impact news hour if you are not aware how to trade news,Even knowing the impact of news need serious practice to trade news, Even knowing the impact of news need serious practice to trade it.

Do not always apply a news strategy every day to trade binary education otherwise you wont't able to manage good accuracy. To maintain your new strategy and then apply it in real trading.

Let's understand What is "Binary option"?

I am going to break it into the Practical way.

Binary = Yes/No=Winning/Losing

Option=Your choice or direction you choose (PUT/CALL) It means if your perception in the market is down then you will consider taking the short means PUT Option. If your preceptation in the market is up then you will consider taking long means CALL option.

NOTE: There is no relationship between derivative option and binary education. If you want derivative option concept then, please don't relate.

Let's Understand the winning and losing concept in Binary Education

Three terms are defined here.




How the Binary Education Work

There are so many brokers available for Binary edution.You will get two types of brokers in terms of time Frame/Period.

Many brokers provide you with excat time frame expiry for example if we take in terms of 15 mins it will be like 10.00 GMT,10.15 GMT,10.30 GMT,ETC.in these time options,you can take long or short direction any time before expiry 10.15,you can enter any time before 10.15 (some brokers allow you to enter at least 5mins before expiry if you choose 15 mins time frame expiry)but your option will expiry at 10.15 GMT.

The second type of broker will provide you the excat time expiry(Recall former was excat time frame expiry) in terms of a minutes or hour or day(that you choose).if you choose 15min expiry means you can enter at any time and your option will expiry exactly after 15mins when your option will expire after 15mins expiry entered at 10,10AM GMT,if you entered in above broker discussed in the first type then you have to choose the expiry 10.15AM GMT(if you have entered at 10.10AM your option will expire at 10.15just after5mins your entry time.